1) How do I spend coins?
Login into your account.
On left upper box you can see "ADD PAGE" -> there you can place your Facebook page, Twitter account for followers, Website, StumbleUpon, Pinterest stuff etc. and set the amount of coins you want to spend to users, who will choose this service you offer.
2) What is YCL.eu
YCL is THE tool to enhance your social networking existence. With YCL you'll be able to showcase your social pages to REAL twitter users, REAL youtube subscribers and REAL website visitors. You also get to pick and choose who exactly you'd like to communicate with. We don't push you to follow, like, view or interact with anyone or anything.
3) Does YCL autopost status-updates without my permission?
No, we never auto-post anything from your accounts on any site or service.
4) Do you sell Followers, Likes, Friends, Subscribers or Hits?
No, we do not trade Followers, Likes, Friends, Subscribers or Hits.
5) How do Points operate?
You will get Points from other users when you follow, like, view or visit their subject. You will then in turn set a "Payout" value for your content which will be given to users when they follow, like, view or visit your content.
6) Why was my YouTube Video removed?
We only accept YouTube Videos, which have a minimum length of 20 seconds. All other videos will be deleted.
7) Where do I find the latest Alexa Rank Enhancer download?
The ARE versions can be downloaded all the time from http://www.ycl.eu/temp/AlexaRank.zip
8) Why I got banned at ycl.eu?
There are only few reasons, why your account can be banned. Usually it's due to the fact, that user created MORE than 1 account at ycl.eu, which finally belong to them. It's allowed to have one account per real user to avoid fraud/cheating.
9) Why was my adf.ly/bit.ly page deleted from traffic-exchange?
As ADF.LY/BIT.LY uses special pages to promote, it breaks up our traffic exchange system. It prevents our system from showing random webpages to our users. That's why we have to block and/or delete adf.ly/bit.ly pages from traffic exchange.
10) We don't allow porn (xxx) sites for traffic exchange!
It's against our policy and hopefully against the ideas of ycl.eu users to promote porn websites in our system. The pages will be removed. If users still try to add such pages, their account get banned.
11) Can I withdraw money from my YCL account?
If you have credit (cash) in your YCL account, you can only use it for converting it into coins OR to place banner ads!